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Inner harmony is sitting within you,

waiting to be awakened

Embracing your awareness

Because we are so unaware of ourselves, we fail to realize that our whole experience of life manifests from within.

Our deepest sufferings and greatest joys are happening within us.

If we want to realize who we are and how we function we must look within.


Within all of us there is a possibility for ultimate bliss, and my role is to guide you to the door that will take you there.


Whoever you are, now is the right time to become aware 

Over the last years I've been guiding entrepreneurs, doctors, Art collectors, house wife's, business man, start-ups, groups, young and older, happy, depressed, crazy, burnout, wealthy and poor, sick and healthy people.

I've simply noticed that whoever we are, whatever we believe in, we must all start to pay lots of conscious attention within us 
in order for us to reach our full human being potential.

All the answers you are looking for will never come from the outside. It's time to look within.

What are you still waiting for ?


Melchior's no nonsense approach and his sharpness changed my view on meditation. I can only recommend his services for anyone with a job demanding enough to seem impossible at times: you won't see things the same way afterwards

Gavrilo Bozovic, Serial Entrepreneur

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